Designer Demo Nights at The Uncommons


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What is this?
Designer Demo Night is a weekly event where a single designer will demo his/her published board game to people at the always-popular Uncommons game cafe in Manhattan, New York City.

When does this happen?
Each Designer Demo Night will start at 7 pm every Wednesday evening (mostly).

How late will the event run?
That’s up to each demo’s designer, so long as all games are done by midnight, which is The Uncommons’ standard closing time for a Wednesday night.

Whom is this event open to?
This event is open to any board game designer with a published, in-print board game (available for wholesale or print-on-demand purchase), or any board game designer who has a currently-running Kickstarter project (that is, the demo night will occur while the Kickstarter project is still running) for a board game.

Can I schedule a night for my prototype, still in development?
No. This event is just for in-print published games or games on Kickstarter. The idea is to allow a designer to put his/her best foot forward and promote a finished or 99% finished game. Please, no playtesting or even blind testing. If you have a prototype that needs that kind of love, the NYC-Playtest group can help you!

How do I schedule a night?
Contact Gil Hova (that’s me). Tell me what game you wish to demo. If it’s a Kickstarter project, let me know the project dates. I will arrange a Tuesday night with you and put you in the schedule. Be prepared for the demo date to be 1-2 months in the future.

I don’t live in New York, but I’m planning to visit soon. May I have a night when I’m in town?
Absolutely, as long as you qualify! This is open to published board game designers both local and distant.  Contact me and we can talk dates.

Do I have to pay the standard Uncommons $5 table fee?
No. Because you’re running the event, your fee is waived.

My game has more than one designer/I want to bring people to help me demo. Will all of us be comped?
The Uncommons will waive the table fee for up to two people running the event. So if two designers show up, they’ll both be comped. If one designer and one friend helping with the demo show up, they’ll both be comped.

Do all my players have to pay the standard Uncommons $5 table fee?

What do I need to bring?
Please bring at least two copies of your game. Note that you might need to teach two tables’ worth of players. Also, The Uncommons requests that you donate a copy of your game to their game library.

May I demo more than one game title?
Sure, as long as they’re all games you’ve designed, and are in print and available for wholesale purchase. You may choose to start one game at 7 pm and another game later in the evening, if you wish.

Can I sell copies of my games there?
Yes! We ask that you sell them through The Uncommons though, and you can work with them to set prices and handle sales.

May I play in my own game?
That’s up to you, but you will be expected to teach all players how to play.

How do I publicize the event?
Once you get your date, be sure to talk up the event on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and any other social media you wish. I will announce the event on my Twitter account (@gilhova), and The Uncommons will announce the event on Twitter and Facebook as well.