Demo, Convention, and Tournament Schedule

IMG_2799Every so often, I show off my games in public. Sometimes it’s a demo, and sometimes it’s a tournament.

If you live within an hour’s drive of New York City and you would like a demo of a Formal Ferret game for your local game group or game store, contact me; we can work something out.

Note that attendance is subject to change, but this is what I’m planning for 2019. I’ll have booths for all shows, unless otherwise noted.

New York Toy Fair
Contact me to arrange a meeting! I will be at the PSI booth,  #6617. (Note: this is a trade show, and is not open to the public.)
February 16-19
New York, NY

I’ll be running events for High Rise and The Networks: Executives.
February 21-24
Morristown, NJ

Central NJ MENSA Snowball
I’ll be giving my Game Design 101 talk on the Saturday of the convention at 2:30 pm.
March 1-3
Iselin, NJ

Granite Game Summit
I’ll be demoing High Rise.
March 9-11
Nashua, NH

GAMA Trade Show
Contact me to arrange a meeting! During exhibit hall hours, I will be at booth #218. (Note: this is a trade show, and is not open to the public.)
March 12-16
Reno, NV

I will be giving a talk on low/indirect player interaction in board games.
March 18-22
San Francisco, CA

PAX East
Find me in the tabletop area, booth TT03.
March 28-31
Boston, MA

Geekway to the West
I will not have a booth. Come find me in the open play area!
May 16-19
St. Louis, MO

UK Games Expo
Find me at stand 2-402.
May 31-June 1
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Find me at booth 523.
June 12-16
Columbus, OH

No booth, but I will run scheduled events for High Rise and Weird Stories.
July 3-7
Morristown, NJ

Gen Con
Find me at booth 542.
August 1-4
Indianapolis, IN

Grand Con
I will be a special guest at the show!
August 30-September 1
Grand Rapids, MI

Booth number coming soon…
October 24-27
Essen, Germany

I will not have a booth, but I will be playtesting my newest games!
November 7-10
Morristown, NJ

Booth number coming soon…
November 20-24
Dallas, TX

PAX Unplugged
Booth number coming soon…
December 6-8
Philadelphia, PA