Intro to modern boardgaming: Prelude

Many of you reading this know me from gaming. But some of you are college or high school friends, or remember me from our days in the film biz.

I’m going to unleash a bunch of gaming-related posts in the next few days, and I’d like the poor, game-deprived souls among you to be on equal footing.

And if I suck you into the vortex that is modern boardgaming, don’t blame me.

Now some of you may be wondering what kind of games I mean when I pretentiously talk about “modern boardgaming.” Am I talking about the newest version of Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit?

So, let me start you off with a bonus tidbit.

Most boardgamers despise the so-called classics.

Seriously. They have their defenders here and there, but for the most part, suggesting Monopoly to a board game fan is like suggesting McDonald’s to a foodie.

The games we play are quicker, more engaging, more involving, and more fun than the so-called “classics.”

That leaves lots of us with chips on our shoulders. Because if your main experience with boardgaming is with Monopoly, and you feel that Monopoly is somehow the be-all and end-all of board gaming, then you probably don’t understand why I invest so much time and energy in my hobby.

My emphatic point: it gets better!