Hi, my name is Gil Hova. I’m a board game designer living in beautiful downtown Jersey City (no, seriously) with two ferrets who keep me sane.

I’m into playing and designing board games, which is a fantastic hobby to those who know about it, but kind of a conversation-stopper to those who don’t.

I will be publishing my own games starting 2015, under the name “Formal Ferret Games”. My blog used to be called “Fail Better”, from a line in the Samuel Beckett play Worstward Ho (1983).

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Game design is an iterative process.  It’s all about failure, watching how the game doesn’t work, and learning from it.  That usually involves sweating over a new tweak, figuring out how to implement it, printing and slicing all the components, and then getting it to the table and watching it completely throw the game off-balance in a new direction.

“Fail better” is about as good a summary of the process as I can think of.