The Formal Ferret web site and store is now up!

After months of work on the front, back, side, top, and bottom ends, the Formal Ferret web site is open for business!

You can find out about all our games and products here. Just as importantly, you can find out about the galaxy of extra mini-expansions and add-ons available for The Networks, Wordsy, and (soon) Bad Medicine.

And you can buy these things as well! Check out the store for lots of interesting items, including a bunch of products that I’m currently only selling at conventions.

And all this, just in time for Christmas New Year’s! People give each other presents during New Year’s, right? (In other words, if you order now, we cannot guarantee Christmas 2018 delivery.)

Most of the work here was done by Be Bold Games – and I should point out that Bebo was done months ago. The delays were all on my end, not hers. Bebo’s help was invaluable!

Shipping outside the USA

So when it comes to shipping outside the US, there’s a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is that our shipping is customs-friendly to the EU, Canada, Australia, and China. You won’t be charged customs fees.

The bad news is that for now, the shipping costs outside the US are a little high. I’m currently looking into ways to drop this shipping cost. Stay tuned!

Overall, the site is still fairly new, and there may be rough spots here and there. Like, I’m not crazy how it looks on a mobile phone in portrait mode. But the first step was to get this darn thing online, and I’m thankful that is done now!

Please let me know if you see anything funky. Thanks so much for your help and interest!