Gil’s Gen Con 2017 schedule

by Gil Hova

Gen Con is in a few weeks, and I’ve been prepping madly for it! I have a TON of stuff to share with you there, so hopefully I can help make this year memorable, beyond the fact that this is Gen Con’s 50th show!


You can find Formal Ferret Games at booth 2665, a few aisles down from where we were last year. We’ll be selling The Networks and Wordsy. I have a few copies of The Networks: On the Air remaining, and I’ll also be selling laminated scoresheets for Wordsy for as long as I have them.

Gen Con 2017


I will be testing The Networks: Executives at the First Exposure Playtest Hall on Thursday and Friday, at noon and 2 pm on each day. It’s free; just show up at the FEPH about 30 minutes before the game starts. Note that I can’t guarantee you’ll get a spot; there will be limited seats for each slot, and plenty of interest in the expansion.

If you want to play the base game of The Networks, I will have staff teaching the game at ticketed Gen Con events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 1, 4, and 8. Unfortunately, there are no tickets left for these events, but you’re welcome to watch them, or perhaps offer yourself as an alternate if we have any no-shows.

If you want to try Wordsy away from the booth, I have ticketed events for those too, and there are plenty of tickets left for all slots as of the writing of this post.


On Friday at 5 pm at the Capitol III room of the Westin, Geoff Engelstein and I will be recording a live episode of Ludology! It’ll be a Q&A episode, so bring a question, or just come and hang out with us.

On Saturday at 5 pm in the same room, I’ll be holding a seminar on the 10 Mistakes New Board Game Designers Make. This event is sold out (!), but I hope to release audio and/or video of it shortly afterwards.

Other fun stuff

Did you know that Gen Con has a puppetry track now? I have a few good friends involved with it.

One of my oldest friends (and college roommate) Brodrick Jones will be showing his work Ubu Faust on Saturday at 10 pm at the Crowne Plaza. He’s a fantastic puppeteer, so this is worth seeing.

My friend K80 Correll (whom you may have meet at the Formal Ferret booth at Dice Tower Con) will be holding a seminar on the intersection of puppetry and robotics. It’s on Friday at 2. (Despite her name, she’s not a robot herself; she just builds them for a living.)

I’ve never seen Uncle Nappy perform, but Jones tells me he’s amazing, and his show is worth seeing. I plan to be there, right before Jones’ show.

There’s the Late Night Puppet Slam on Saturday at 11. I hear these puppet slams are incredible; you don’t want to miss it. And I’m hoping some more of my puppetry-involved friends will show up!

As for performers who only occasionally use puppets, there are still a few tickets left for the They Might Be Giants show. I won’t be able to make it to see them, but I’ve seen TMBG live more than any other musical act, and they have never been disappointing. It’s a good way to spend a Thursday evening!