Formal Ferret at Gen Con 2016!

by Gil Hova

Gen Con 2016 is next week! And Formal Ferret will be there, with an exciting and packed schedule.

What games will I have?

I’ll be showing The Networks mainly, along with Bad Medicine and Prolix Redux.

Wait, what about Peak Oil?

I recently announced on Twitter that I’ve handed US co-publishing duties for Peak Oil to the fine folks at Leder Games. It’s simply because I’m so slammed with work ever since The Networks blew up at Origins (and I have no complaints about that!), I won’t be able to put the time into co-publishing the game. Leder Games will treat the game better than I would.

What will I be selling?

You’ll be able to buy The Networks from me for $50. This will also be the first opportunity for people who didn’t back or pre-order the game to buy the mini-expansion On the Air. It consists of new cards with crazy and special powers (unlocked through stretch goals in the Kickstarter campaign), as well as some nice stickers you can put on the turn order and score markers.

On the Air will be available for $12. You can also buy The Networks and On the Air together for $60.

Also: I was very surprised to come across a few copies of Bad Medicine! I will be selling them for $30 each. I don’t expect them to last very long!

Finally, if you’ve always wanted a Formal Ferret t-shirt, now’s your chance! I’ll have most sizes, up to 4XL. They’ll be $10 each.

Where can you find my games?

First, there’s the Formal booth, #3058. It’s going to be in the far corner of the Exhibit Hall. Formal Ferret BoothTrust me, we’ll make it worth the walk!

In the booth, we’ll be running demos of The Networks all convention long. We’ll also demo Bad Medicine until we run out of copies to sell, at which point we’ll switch to demoing Prolix Redux.

Second, we will be running games of The Networks as Gen Con events in the Event Hall. These events sold out a while ago, but if you want to get an idea of how the game plays, come on by!

Third, there will be copies of The Networks in the Gen Con library, as well as the newly-announced BoardGameGeek Hot Games room at the Hyatt, in Cosmopolitan B.

Fourth, I will be running demos of Prolix Redux at the First Exposure Playtest Hall on Thursday and Friday at 2 pm and 4 pm. It’ll be a great time to check out the game!

Finally, I hope you were able to get tickets to my sold-out game design seminar. I will try to film it, so you can all check it out.

I hope I get a chance to see all of you at Gen Con!