Announcing my 4P 2015 game: Meltdown, co-designed with Richard Gibbs!

by Gil Hova

4P is almost upon us! So here’s the game I’m working on: it’s called Meltdown, and it’s my first co-design. I’m working with Richard Gibbs of 64 Oz. Games. (Note: ferret not included.)

In Meltdown, the players are all workers at a nuclear power plant. You’ve all had a long night last night, and someone decided to close their eyes for a few minutes’ rest, and then next thing you know, the lights are out and the sirens are blaring.

The game consists of a bunch of polygonal pieces, some of which fit into others. You want to fit three pieces into each other. But since the lights are out, you’ll have to do it all blindfolded!

Fortunately, you have a computer to help you. Unfortunately, the computer has suffered a bit of damage, and its announcements to you may not always make sense.

This is going to be an app-based game; you will need a mobile device to play. The app will instruct you as you play, directing you to valuable pieces. It will also rave about your hair, inquire about the meaning of life, and ask what it’s like to wear pants. It will be a pain in the rear.

I’m really excited about this game, but I know how much games tend to change once they’re actually played by other people. Still, I think this game is going to be a blast.

Of course, I will still be testing Bad Medicine. I need to, because its Kickstarter date is coming up really soon, and there are still a bunch of cards, player counts, and rule updates I’d love to tweak.

I’ll periodically update this blog during the month to tell you how my playtests are going.

What about you? Are you in for 4P?