My forthcoming seminar at Metatopia: “Wait, THAT player won?”

by Gil Hova

I’ll be running a seminar at the Metatopia game designer’s convention in Morristown, NJ on Sunday, November 9 at 11 am. The name of the talk is “Wait, THAT Player Won? Opacity, Transparency, and Player Incentives in Your Strategy Board Game”. It’s event D078 for those of you who want to register for it.

Here’s the full description:

“Do people understand what’s going on in your game? Not just the rules, but can they tell who’s winning? If they should watch out for a dangerous player? If they know exactly how their move will impact their next few turns? Join designer Gil Hova as he discusses transparency and opacity in strategy board games. We will discuss what makes a game mechanism transparent or opaque, how they work (or fail) in existing games, and how to use them to incentivize players to make interesting plays.”

It’s going to be a great talk! I’m going to share a lot of insights I’ve gained over the years. Transparency and opacity are things that usually mess with first-time designers, so if you’re new to game design, you’ll definitely want to attend.

And sign up for some other panels while you’re at it! Metatopia is a very good convention that targets RPG and board game designers. There’s a lot of smart people talking about interesting subjects, and there will be many opportunities to playtest.

See you there!