Gil’s Game Design News

I’ve met a lot of people who want to know when my games are available and how they’re doing, but they’d rather not keep up with the constant stream of information from my blog and Twitter.

To that end, I’ve set up a mailing list. I’m going to post to it every month or two, keeping people up-to-date about when my games are coming out, where they can demo them, what’s in the pipe, and so on. In the next few months, I’ll be updating it with news about Battle Merchants’ upcoming release, its release party, and its tournament at Gen Con. If I get any good news about Prime Time, or if I finally get a chance to make a mobile version of Prolix, you’ll get to read about that on the mailing list as well. (Of course, I’ll announce that sort of thing here on the blog too, as well as my Twitter.)

To get on on this list, simply click here and enter your email address. I promise to not do anything naughty with your email.

Thanks for playing my games!