Three years is a long time

by Gil Hova

So what have I been up to?

  • Pax Robotica is now Battle Merchants. Its Kickstarter completed in early October 2013. It should come out by mid-2014.
  • MacGuffin Market is now Prime Time. I have some amusing stories about that one.
  • Prolix came out in September 2010, just before this blog went on hiatus. It got good reviews and accolades, making the Games 100 the year it came out and appearing on Barnes and Noble shelves throughout the US. But Filosofia bought Z-Man the following year, and they have returned Prolix’s rights back to me.
  • I have some exciting ideas for 2014 (some involving Prolix) that I can’t quite talk about yet.

So what happened? Why did I fall off the blogging grid for so long?

It’s been an eventful three years in all parts of my life, not just gaming. Ever since my divorce in 2010, I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching, trying to rebuild myself. Gaming lost its fun for a year or so, and I spent a large part of 2012 trying out comedy.

Comedy was fun, but I got to the point where if I was going to take it any further, I’d need to cut down on gaming. In the meantime, I was finally starting to rediscover my love for games, and I’ve been much more focused on game design since the summer than I was ever since the divorce.

So it looks like I’m back, finally!