Pax Robotica direct conflict update

by Gil Hova

So in my last couple of blog posts, I wrote about how I’ve been trying to introduce direct conflict into Pax Robotica.

It seems that my tweaks have been successful, for the most part.  Players love the die, and there haven’t been any complaints about the game being too dry.  I worry about a lack of replayability, but I’m sure that’ll have some way of resolving itself.

In other news,the countries have names now!  At least, better names than “North,” “Central,” and “South.”  The three warring nations are now North Vulturian, Central Weaselium, and Lower Insecticus.

Speaking of the nations, I have found a problem with the distribution of the three countries in a 4-player game.  Because two players start with bonuses to North Vultarian and the other two start with bonuses to Lower Insecticus, there’s no incentive to sell to Central Weaselium.  As a result, the Sea and the City tend to founder in a four-player game.  I’m resolving this by eliminating Central Weaselium in a 4-player game.

Finally, some playtesters don’t like the way the Battle Bonus.  The fact that the leader just needs one Bot to get the bonus is, in one tester’s words, “lame.”  So I’m going to try awarding the bonus to players who have two or more surviving Bots on the winning side.  Will it work?  Who knows!