Renaming Prolix, and Pax Robotica tweaks

by Gil Hova

I am renaming Prolix. I won’t get into why I’m renaming it, but I do have good reason to.

Just like with Pax Robotica, I asked friends on Twitter and Facebook to help me brainstorm.

For awhile, I wanted to base the title off the word “Lexicon.”  As I was getting into the shower yesterday morning, a name hit me out of nowhere: Consonance.  It has a nice ring to it, and it reflects the fact that the game is mostly consonants.

So, the leading candidates are:

  • Consonance
  • Lexicon
  • Lexation
  • Lexica

What are your thoughts?

Meanwhile, I’m still processing the four-player game of Pax Robotica we had at Protospiel.  The players enjoyed it, but the game stalled in the last round.  The battles also took too long to happen.

I might be able to test the game on Saturday, if my game group is willing to try it.  Here are the changes I’m making:

  • Extra bots for the 4-player game.  Three more Level 1s, three more Level 3s, one more Level 6.
  • One more Level 1 bot for the 3-player game.
  • I’m tweaking the Tech deck.  Right now, there are A-level cards that come out in Rounds 1-2, and B-level cards that come out in Rounds 3-5.  I’ll tweak it so that the B-level cards come out in Rounds 3-4, and a new C-level card will come out in Round 5.   C-level cards will award points as well as Tech, so the Round 5 Tech draft won’t be useless to half the players.
  • Changing the number of cubes to pull from the bag.  Right now it matches the round number: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 cubes from the bag depending on the round.  I’m changing this to 1, 3, 3, 3, 6.  This way, there’s more action in Round 2.  I also like keeping the numerology consistent with the rest of the game, so it’s easy for players to remember.  My one concern is that Round 4 may not be dramatic enough with this new scheme, but we’ll see when we playtest.